Powered by creativity driven by technology

Zee Unleashed is powered by creativity, driven by technology and determined to find new ways for the two to work together in order to create the best visual solutions.

Zenith Phillips started Zee Unleashed in the hot Australian summer of 2010. She traveled there to be fully immersed in a media culture more focused on advertising than Canada. She brought Zee Unleashed back home with her to Calgary, Alberta where she remains based.

Zenith’s experience makes her highly proficient at bridging the communication gap with clients of highly technical professionals, such as those in various engineering and geoscience disciplines. She has provided several effective channels of communication (print, branding, web design, trade shows and advertising) for these specialists through understanding their expertise and industry. Aside from creating visual materials for a creative corporate front, she can also conceptualize and execute technical materials through technical graphic manipulations, infographics, and interface design.